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I'm turning 40 this year so I guess it's time to figure out who I am. I can tell you basics. I'm married to my best friend Paul. Have 6 great kids. Two doggies, a spoiled rotten cat, and two snakes. I currently work as a nurse. I am a major book worm. Read every chance I get.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What have I signed up for??

Okay today was my first official day of class. I wasn't the oldest! whoohoo to that. I did see some interesting kids taking the cosmo class. One had this purple hair that I was just fascinated with. But then I like shiny things so I'm easily entertained. I don't know if I'm ready to go with the purple hair but stay tuned. You know me..it may happen.

I had a friend who has made me see the light of day on my smoking. Thanks friend. You know who you are. I tried to quit cold turkey yesterday and about kicked random strangers. So I'm cutting back majorly trying to STOP it. I did better than normal. I hadn't realized just how much I was smoking. BAD. I will stop! It ticks me off that I couldn't just stop. I am the kinda person who usually just decides something and does it. Drat it.

I need to be getting more water up off my bathroom floor. Nicholas my four year old put a car down the potty and flushed away. Needless to say we are flooded! Even after the wet vac got in there. He's a cutey patootie. So that kinda makes up for it. :P


  1. lol...i'm chuckling about the car in the toilet. i don't have kids yet, but it's something i get to look forward to! i admire you for having 6 kids! that's alot to handle AND going back to school! that's wonderful! and good for you for trying to quit smoking. my husband has a copenhagen habit i would love him to quit. not because it bothers me - just because i worry about his health in the future! so good for you for at least trying :)

  2. Kudos to you! My mom went back to college when I went, and then she went on to get a graduate degree, so I know that it's hard! At least you're there!! Plus, trying to quit smoking in the same...quite an undertaking! I have to laugh about your son (he's cute!). My 18-month-old LOVES to put things in the toilet (toys, clothes, work phones...you get the idea) so there is constantly water on the floor in there. My husband is a plumber, but still...

  3. :) Keep at it Shelby. Keep at it. Take each day as it comes and do your best for that very day. Don't worry about what you did wrong yesterday or how many days are ahead of you. Just worry about today. I've heard that the patch helps alot of people. I quit cold turkey but I kinda didn't have a choice. After about two months, it gets a HELLUVA lot better. Try to make it to 2 months without one and then by that time you won't want to screw up what you just did. I know you can do it!!!

  4. Kudo's to you on all accounts!

    I did the cold turkey thing too! But it doesn't work for all & taking it one day at a time is best!

  5. Good luck with quitting smoking! You can do it!
    Your son is adorable. :)

  6. I agree with Holli on the 2 month thing..There is a point where you realize you aren't thinking about them every moment. Thats a cool turning point. I know it sounds hokey but when you get the urge, take 10 (or more) really good deep breaths and let them out slowly. I have heard that 80% of the craving is the deep breathing you do when you inhale. Also, I would chew on ice or a straw when that hand to mouth thing got bad.
    Good luck. When you finally convince your brain, its easy.