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I'm turning 40 this year so I guess it's time to figure out who I am. I can tell you basics. I'm married to my best friend Paul. Have 6 great kids. Two doggies, a spoiled rotten cat, and two snakes. I currently work as a nurse. I am a major book worm. Read every chance I get.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Dad

I'll see my dad this week. I've seen him probably 4 times in the last 28 years. I don't know how to feel about it. It really wasn't by his choice but I can't not blame him for some of it. Since I've found out I've gone to being okay with it..to being that lost little girl without a dad to back to being somewhat okay. I mean I wouldn't be the same person I am today without growing up the way I did.
My uncle Don filled that spot for me. He took me in and I was a part of that family. I thank God for that man and his wife every single day.
I see Paul with his girls and mine and see that father-daughter bound and think what if???
We'll see though..............


  1. Good luck with your meeting this week...that father-daughter stuff can be hard sometimes. But you are very strong and phonomenal! ((Hugs))

  2. Good luck! My grandpa filled the dad role for me until he died when I was 19. I still miss him terribly every day.

  3. Good luck Shelby! Relationships with parents can be such a struggle, in so many ways. Just remember we'll be thinking of you and your phenomenal self! :)

  4. Good luck, Shelby! *hugs* you can do this.

  5. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself...there is always the coulda shoulda woulda, but you can make something new if you wish.

  6. Best of luck. I think being okay with yourself is the key and you are sounding good.

  7. I hope things go well. I'm so glad for you that you had someone to fill that father role.

    My parents divorced when I was 6 months old and he died when I was 3 1/2. (3rd heart attack). The only memory I have of him is being in our old apartment, looking from my mom's room down the hall to the front door where the light was on and hearing him bang his night stick (he was a city fireman up North) on the door, trying to break the door down, my mom on the phone near the door with the police.

    To say the very least, he wasn't a nice man and even his death has brought my mother (and therefore me) no peace & he's been gone 31 years this month. I've painfully longed for a father, a good man, in my life since I was young. About 10 years ago I started writing a card to him on Father's Day, telling him how I've felt about what he did to Mom & I throw it into the ocean where I can as his ashes were scattered in the Gulf of Mexico. (He died in FL). It's helped a little.

  8. I hope you will post back to tell us about this. There are all sorts of families and all sorts of fathers. WE don't always get the ones we imagine we are supposed to get, but I think that what is important is what we make of it and what we are despite that.

  9. Shelby,
    I hope everything went okay! Thinking of you.