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I'm turning 40 this year so I guess it's time to figure out who I am. I can tell you basics. I'm married to my best friend Paul. Have 6 great kids. Two doggies, a spoiled rotten cat, and two snakes. I currently work as a nurse. I am a major book worm. Read every chance I get.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Newest Addition

I said no more animals. I mean we seem to have a zoo here. A couple of weeks ago we go into Petsmart to get more things to spoil the ones we have and the Humane Society has cats there. Of course we are big old softies and we go into there to play with them. There is this little black fuzzy cat that just goes berserk when we walk in. Her name was Frisky and she just seemed to know us. So kids start wanting and big ole mushy me says OK. Well in order to adopt you have to go about 10 miles away to the humane society. We go. Get over there and they tell me that there is no record of this cat. I stand there thinking...OK. So now what. They start pulling files and find out that she was adopted weeks ago and the parent hasn't picked her up. Well of course the kids are crushed.

I tell them we will go into the back and see what other kitties they have. We go back there and this little yellow kitten is just precious. I've already given in to getting a cat that day..so we get the little fuzzball and take him up front. One of the girls working at the front says oh that cat has been adopted! Crap. Comes to find out that the payment hasn't been made some people had just wanted him held. Well we stand there forever and a day and the final decision is since they wanted him first they end up with him. By that time I don't even want a cat anymore. My kids have big ole tears coming down their faces. I am pissed so I tell them we'll just wait. I can't take the silent tears though. We go back in yet again.

They end up loving another little black guy and I'm like whatever. Get him. Let's just go.

We end up adopting him. When we get home...this cat seems to know that he got here by chance. He follows every step I take. He is very talkative. He has decided that I'm his mom and he is going to stay.

I named him Leo Gursky from The History of Love just because he seems to be this little ole man in a cat's body. I have fallen for this cat! He is the best. He is the sweetest thing. My husband and I have had a rocky time this week to say the least and that cat has been my little angel. I was crying on the couch the other night and he gets up into my lap and licks my face. My husband was coming through the house and he hissed at him. I think he was taking my side. So now I have another baby. Max kitty didn't really like him at first but Max had been due to have some snipping took care of. Once that was done he changed his attitude and treats Leo like a pesky little brother. I have ever really been a cat person but these two have won me over. I wouldn't take a million dollars for either of them. Here's my Leo.....


  1. Boy has the Humane Society become picky lately or what?? Seems as if they should be happy you are actually standing there WANTING the cat right then....not taking forever to pay for it or just never showing up to pick it up. Geez!

    Leo is very very cute!!

  2. Well he is awfully darned cute, isn't he? Holy cow! I only started learning the charms of cats this year, but I am definitely a convert. Enjoy your new baby!

  3. Oh I love that you named him Leo! I'm still walking around with Leo in my heart after reading the History of Love. He is adorable!

  4. aww what a sweet story and kitty.......what the heck with the humane society? I didn't know they "held" animals.